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Financial restructuring proposal


Innovation and the development of new technologies are a top priority for Abengoa Solar.
Our aim is to provide technologies with the capability to generate clean energy at a cost that is competitive with fossil fuels.
Solar power is a relatively young sector and highly dependent on technology. Therefore, innovation is a key factor in enabling us to develop more efficient technologies with costs that are competitive to fossil fuel based energies when taking the cost of CO2 emissions into consideration.
Cost reduction is also driven by other market factors (increased competency, economies of scale, learning, training,etc) and the introduction of more efficient new technologies. Here is where innovation plays a crucial role.
Given the above, one of Abengoa Solar´s strategic pillars is the development of new technologies that can be applied to the company´s business sector, maintaining an industry-leading position through the development of proprietary technology and a strategy of ongoing R&D investment. This R&D effort enables Abengoa Solar to achieve competitive advantages in an industry characterized by extremely rapid technological evolution by increasing the potential for offering competitive technologies in the future, and making it possible to offer a catalog of solutions that can be adapted to each project or market.